What documents are required while buying a property?
Which documents must be compulsory registered?
Which are the instruments that attract the payment of Stamp Duty?
What is meant by Carpet Area, Built-Up Area & Super Built-Up Area?
What constitutes conclusion of sale of a property?
What is a Sale Deed?
What is meant by valuation of property?
Who is the appropriate authority for knowing the market value of the property?
What is Stamp Duty and who is liable to pay the Stamp Duty, the purchaser or the Developer?
What is meant by the market value of the property and is Stamp Duty payable on the market value of the property or on consideration as stated in the agreement?
How much is the Registration Fees on sale of immovable property?
When and where should a document be registered?
What constitutes completion of the purchase?
In whose name are the stamps required to be purchased?
Can a Power of attorney be issued to someone else to register the document in case of being out of country?